Information Technology

As an authorized reseller of information technology hardware and services, Telcobuy leverages our strategic partnerships with major OEMs to provide our customers with a single source for a complete array of technology solutions. Our master distributor relationships give customers unparalleled access to over $4 billion of inventory from more than 3,000 manufacturers. Our goal is to provide our customers with the right products at the right price, delivered on time. Our IT services include:

Value Added Reseller

Value Added Reseller
Telcobuy is a premier reseller of technology products and services. Much more than a simple retailer, Telcobuy has the advanced technology skills and demonstrated customer success to provide complete end-to-end IT solutions designed to address today’s toughest challenges. Since 1990, we have developed powerful strategic partnerships with industry leading OEMs and suppliers to ensure that our clients have immediate access to the most current technologies at the very best prices. An array of purchasing vehicles and flexible service level agreements make it easy to get the solutions you need even when budgets are tight.

ECommerce Integration

E-Commerce Integration
Telcobuy’s eCommerce solutions and one-stop eCommerce portal let you manage procurement responsibilities online while addressing supplier consolidation and strategic sourcing to lower your total cost of ownership. Telcobuy’s tightly integrated eCommerce technology and processes are managed by a highly-qualified team of engineers and inside sales professionals certified and trained in the latest solutions from more than 3,000 OEMs, including Cisco, HP, Dell, EMC and others. Our comprehensive product database aggregates 750,000+ IT and networking products from more than 3,000 manufacturers to help you streamline purchasing and pass on the lowest possible prices and widest range of solutions to your customers. Contact us to learn how Telcobuy’s technical experts can integrate your eCommerce capabilities without disrupting existing processes or structures.

Order Management & Reporting

Order Management & Reporting
Telcobuy’s cutting-edge eCommerce technology provides advanced order management and reporting capabilities. Easily view and track assets, current orders, shipping and delivery through your custom account portal. Get online access to up-to-date transactional data to support all of your operational reporting and invoicing needs. Service-level metrics, trending and performance data are always available to help you meet business and customer requirements, track inventory from requisition through deployment, increase efficiency and avoid costly errors. Telcobuy also provides a number of custom reports including:
  • Supplier Performance
  • Operational Reporting
  • Order Processing Metrics
  • Shipping Performance
  • Quality Metrics
  • Customer Spend

Integration and Staging Services

Integration and Staging Services
Telcobuy provides a complete array of configuration, integration and staging services including equipment aggregation and staging, hardware configuration, software imaging, end-user profile settings, data migration, rack configuration, asset tagging and auditing. These services, backed by our quality processes and supported by online project management tools, are aligned with leading IT OEMs, including Cisco, HP, Oracle, EMC and more. Our sophisticated Integration Technology Center (ITC) can simultaneously accommodate configuration and integration of servers, laptops, desktops, storage and network components with a total capacity to configure more than 30,000 systems per week. Contact us to learn more about Telcobuy’s integration and staging services.

Asset Recovery Solutions

Asset Recovery Solutions
Telcobuy provides customers with a structured, secure process to resell or recycle surplus and decommissioned technology assets. Fast, affordable and easy to use, our asset recovery solutions provide a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method of equipment disposal. Our technical experts ensure that all data is completely cleansed from your machines. Ultimately, our solutions reduce the total cost of ownership at the end of the technology asset lifecycle. Contact us to learn more about Telcobuy’s asset recovery solutions.

Pre-Sales Technical Support

Pre-Sales Technical Support
Telcobuy’s team of highly qualified engineers and inside sales professionals provide outstanding pre-sales technical support in the areas of product configuration, specification and pricing. We work with you to understand your current challenges and future goals, then design custom solutions to help you meet your mission-critical goals. Our vendor-neutral approach gives you the flexibility to select the best IT, networking, data center, collaboration and communication solutions from a variety of vendors. Telcobuy’s certified technical experts and trained sales staff are well-versed in the latest technology advances and can provide compliant product alternatives as well as assess your current infrastructure to ensure optimal success.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Advanced Technology Solutions
Telcobuy provides a unique blend of proven technical expertise, scalable solutions and flexible service level agreements to our clients. We specialize in advanced technologies such as data center, unified communications, security and wireless. Moreover, we take an informed, consultative approach to developing, deploying and maintaining the right advanced technology solutions for you and your budget. Because of our Master Level Specializations from Cisco, certifications from multiple technology leaders, deep industry expertise and longstanding technology partnerships, Telcobuy is the ideal partner to help you leverage the most sophisticated advanced technology solutions available today.

Advanced Solutions

Telcobuy provides comprehensive IT systems design, engineering, integration, deployment, sustainment, operations and maintenance services. We work closely with a diverse client base to create, demonstrate and deliver practical, agile and innovative technology solutions. Responding to the need for effective and robust cyber defense capabilities, we have developed advanced techniques to improve the security and resiliency of critical communications networks.


  • Systems and Network Engineering, Integration, Administration
  • Application and Database Development
  • Cyber Solutions
  • Secure Supply Chain Management



Streamline Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Migrations and Lower Costs with Telcobuy and CPMigrator

Windows Migration Challenges

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP in April of 2014. Yet, according to research, nearly 30% of PCs across the globe are still running Windows XP. This is due to the significant technical and functional challenges of implementing a new operating system as well as migration costs reaching as high as $1,200 per PC. Additionally, many organizations do not have the financial and human capital or the software and tools required to migrate the business without drastic disruptions to normal operations.

The CPMigrator Solution

Telcobuy developed CPMigrator to help enterprises of all sizes lower costs, increase end user satisfaction and improve visibility and control during Windows migrations. Telcobuy and CPMigrator make it easy to:

  • Automate Windows 7/8.1 Migrations: End users or IT can use the ‘One Touch’ GUI to complete migrations in one to two hours. Automation options include installing printers, mapping persistent network drives, installing applications via a rules engine and executing scripts pre and post-migration.
  • Safely Transfer Required Data and Settings: CPMigrator transfers all user profiles and data, including personalized settings, Microsoft® Office configurations, browser favorites, bookmarks and more.
  • Enhance Flexibility and Administrative Control: Choose PC-to-PC, In-Place or PC-to-VDI migrations. Customize or choose from over 100 administrator configuration options. If the extensive out-of-the-box options are not enough, Telcobuy can completely tailor CPMigrator to the exact requirements.
  • Improve Visibility for Quality Assurance and Auditing: There are extensive pre and post-migration checks built into the tool to ensure a high quality migration. In addition, all migration details are logged and optionally loaded directly into Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager, which displays all CPMigrator activities via an enterprise dashboard.

Whether you are looking to migrate your enterprise to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or reduce break-fix and PC refresh costs, CPMigrator can deliver value to any organization. We offer a per seat license model for CPMigrator with a variety of support options, and Telcobuy provides complete logistics services, staff support and hands-on training to make your migration to Windows 7/8.1 a success.

CP Migrator Process

CPMigrator Versions

CPMigrator is available in three versions to fit your implementation needs:

  • CPMigrator Enterprise
    PC-to-PC, standard In-Place & standard PC-to-VDI
    Over 100 out-of-the-box features and settings
  • CPMigrator Enterprise Plus
    CPMigrator extended to run optimally based on environment Hands on training, implementation assistance and project guidance, including a proof of concept (POC), migrating production PCs
  • CPMigrator Complete
    Covers the complete, end-to-end Windows 7/8.1 migration project:
    • Scope & Planning
    • Design & Development
    • Implementation & Support
    • Optional Logistics & Supply Chain services

Contact your Telcobuy Account Manager or contact us at for a demonstration of how CPMigrator can solve Windows migration headaches today!


Telcobuy delivers the advanced technology expertise you need to expand your capabilities and take on new initiatives in mobility and wireless networks. Our certified experts have extensive experience along with the business acumen to develop customized mobility solutions that drive productivity and streamline communications. With certifications in Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN and Outdoor Wireless MESH among others, Telcobuy is able to offer an array of capabilities that span from technical product integration to onsite Cisco certified training. Turn to Telcobuy when you’re ready to:
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Enhance Collaboration
  • Maintain Security
  • Increase Visibility
  • Cut Costs and Lower TCO
  • Get True End-to-End Support

Core Capabilities

  • Voice Over Wireless LAN
  • Cisco Unified Wireless
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention
  • Cisco-Certified Learning Solutions
  • Guest Access
  • Contact-Aware Location Based Services
  • Outdoor Wireless MESH
  • Planning, Design and Implementation Services

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Telcobuy delivers the architecture, technology tools and expertise you need to expand your organization’s flexibility in allowing your workforce to bring their own devices to the workplace. Telcobuy’s BYOD solution revolves around three core focus areas: Secure Wireless, Access Control and Mobile Device Management. Our certified experts have extensive experience along with the business acumen to develop customized secure mobility solutions that drive productivity and streamline communications. With certifications in Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN, Outdoor Wireless MESH, and Cisco Master Certification in Security, we have both the advanced technology skills and demonstrated customer success in designing, deploying and providing services for the most sophisticated secure mobility solutions available today.

Turn to Telcobuy when you are ready to:

  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Visibility and Control
  • Secure and Protect Critical Assets
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Get True End-to-End Support

Core Capabilities

Policy Enforcement

  • Infrastructure Security
  • Asset Segmentation and Authorization
  • Asset Classification

Mobile Device Management

  • Secure Tablets, Smart Phones
  • Manage Mobile Devices
  • Application Management
  • Planning, Design, and Implementation Services

Application Security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Web Security